Hi-fi card for Raspberry Pi A and B plus models

Element14 has launched a second hi-fi audio card for Raspberry Pi, this time for the A+ and B+, called the Cirrus Logic Audio Card.

Previously it introduced a hi-fi card for the model A and B based on the same WM5102 chip – which was branded Wolfson until Cirrus bought Wolfson.

Hi-fi card for Raspberry Pi A and B plus models

“The Cirrus Logic Audio Card offers Raspberry Pi A+ and B+ users the ability to input and output high definition audio, said Element14. “The card allows audio input using either line level analogue, stereo digital [SPDIF], or on-board digital microphones. Outputs are line, headset analogue outputs, and SPDIF.”

Application include internet radio streaming, audio recording and sound playback.

“The Cirrus Logic Audio Card brings all the features found on the previous [‘Wolfson’] version of this card from Wolfson to the Raspberry Pi A+ and B+ models. It offers a similar level of flexibility as a PC soundcard,” said Claire Doyle, head of Raspberry Pi at Element14.

A bespoke Raspbian image, and more information, is available from Element14′s Raspberry Pi community website.  “We are using the latest raspbian image and have added all the Cirrus drivers to it and packaged it up to give our customers and community an easy path to using the card,” an element14 spokesman told Electronics Weekly.

Price is £24.34.


For more detail : Hi-fi card for Raspberry Pi A and B plus models

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