How to Install Qt in Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry pi is a device which uses the Broadcom controller chip which is a SoC (System on Chip). This SoC has the powerful ARM11 processor which runs on 700 MHz at its core. This powerful processor and the controller having the peripherals like timers, interrupt controller, GPIO, PCM / I2S, DMA controller, I2C, SPI slave, PWM, UART, USB, graphical processing unit (GPU) which includes VideoCore, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 and a 512 MB SDRAM makes it a mini-computer. The Raspberrypi board is powerful enough to run large operating systems like Linux, Mac and Windows.Linux operating systems especially Ubuntu is preferred for all kind of programming and development.

How to Install Qt in Raspberry PiThe board is provided with a RCA connector which can be used to connect it directly to a TV screen which is based on PAL and NTSC standard. The board also has a HDMI connector output which can be used to connect the board to a HD TV. A board capable of generating graphics on standard display screen needs a perfect application using which the programmers can exploit that capability. The β€˜QT’ is a widely used platform for creating GUIs in Linux environment.

In this project the Raspberrypi board is loaded with Ubuntu and is remotely accessed using VNC. The Raspberrypi board is also connected to the internet. Installing the QT in Raspberry pi is actually very easy using the commands, but it will take 30 minutes to 4 hours to finish the installation depending upon the speed of the internet connection. Downloading and installing the fourth version, QT4 is discussed in the following:

Open the command terminal and type the following command:

apt-get install qt4-dev-tools

If not logged as the root user, add the sudo before the command like:

How to Install Qt in Raspberry Pi

sudo apt-get install qt4-dev-tools

Once the Ubuntu finds the files to be downloaded it will ask permission to proceed. Around 350 Mb is required to download all these files and hence make sure that the SDcard has enough free space available.

Type β€˜y’ and press Enter to proceed.

That will install all the required development tools for the QT IDE and the next step is to install the QT IDE itself.

Again another 350 Mb is required to download all the files and type β€˜y’ and press Enter to proceed with the downloading and installation.


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