Latest Raspberry Pi MagPi magazine features Python Robots

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has this month made available the latest addition of the fantastic MagPi magazine. With this months issue featuring details on how you can build your own robotic projects using Python. Create your own robots with arms and legs using servo motors or learn how to set up nature camera traps to capture the wildlife in your garden. MagPi issue 131 is now available to purchase and will be available to download next month from July 20 for free to those who cannot support the magazine.

MagPi magazine issue 131

Build your own Python powered robots

“If you ever wanted to get involved with articulated robotics then this feature will hold your hand. Quite literally! We’ve gathered everything you need about servo motors, Python motor control techniques; kits and robot designs. Plus, a great tutorial on using Pico to control a robotic arm. Limber up and get ready for realistic robotics.”

“Raspberry Pi and a Camera Module can be housed outside to create amazing photography traps. Don’t worry, no critters are harmed. We leave no footprints and take only photos in this great feature about capturing the natural world. “

“Who’s a good boy? Yes, you are! We love this PuppyPi robot kit from HiWonder and take it for a good long walk as part of our robot special. We think this relatively low-cost robot kit will make a great addition to any robotics course or classroom.”

Source: Latest Raspberry Pi MagPi magazine features Python Robots

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