Melexis’ MLX90374 monolithic magnetic position processor IC enables the design of non-contacting position sensors in automotive and industrial applications

Melexis’ MLX90374, a Triaxis® family position sensor, offers stray field robustness featuring two output drivers, high operating voltage, and temperature operation.

The MLX90374 is a monolithic magnetic position processor IC. It consists of a Triaxis Hall magnetic front end, an analog-to-digital signal conditioner, a DSP for advanced signal processing, and a dual output stage driver.

The MLX90374 is sensitive to the three components of the magnetic flux density applied to the IC (i.e., Bx, By, and Bz). This allows the MLX90374 with the correct magnetic circuit to decode the absolute position of any moving magnet (e.g., rotary position from 0 to 360° or linear displacement). It enables the design of non-contacting position sensors that are frequently required for both automotive and industrial applications.

The MLX90374 provides either a dual PWM output or a combination of SENT plus a programmable switch function. In dual PWM output mode, the circuit offers a wide panel of configurations from fully redundant signals to individually configurable outputs, including the choice between several error reporting modes. In SENT mode, the circuit delivers enhanced serial messages consisting of error codes and user-defined values.


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