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Quantum Death Machine 💀

Supplies Tools: 3D printer Table saw Parts: Raspberry Pi 3 Adafruit Thermal Printer & thermal paper roll Fingerprint sensor Arduino Nano Plywood(200cmx25cm) in total Chestnut varnish Step 1: Introduction to Quantum Computing Classical computers that we use in our daily lives: phones, tablets, computers, etc. operate on binary. 1’s and 0’s. the combination of those …

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Professional quality seismograph, fully open source, based on a Raspberry Pi, with 1 to 4 components, able to record earthquakes or other seismic events, either natural (rockfall, glacier movement) or man-made (train detection, vehicle detection). The seismograph works either autonomously in the field, or can be used as an Iris seismic station recording mini-seeds and uploading …

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