Raspberry Pi 2, 480*320 TFT LCD Displays Windows 10, SPI

PI 2, TFT LCD 480*320, SPI & Touch Screen on Windows 10 IoT, working demo, more can be found at https://www.youtube.com/c/thebreadboardca

SPLASH LCD Display (1)


SPLASH LCD Display (2)

OK, so i think I am outdoing myself with this one

ILI9488 480 * 320 LCD 65K colour display

TSC2046 touch screen cotroller

ILI 9341 320 * 240 LCD 65K colour display

HX8357 480 * 320 LCD 65K colour display (Not tested but converted still)

8*6 Font integrated

11* 16 font converted but not integrated

line draw

Arc, Circle

Character from Font

Pixel Point

Image Load etc

wow, some coding marathon there

so following the demo by Graham Chow who provided the basic initialization routines for a 9341 display, I took it alot further and added basic vector functions like line draw, pixel draw and character draw routines along with optimized SPI transfer routines resulting in the provieded set of libraries supporting a few more display chips

there not perfect, but are functional, they probably need more bounds checking and limit checks but they do work well and as fast as an be considering the limitations of the MS SPI implementation

Here is the UI

all the buttons work to the smaller display area in the top right of the main display (Minions graphic area)

some are pretty obvious as to their function, the smaller sub buttons load various images I happen to randomly pick off the internet to demonstrate the ability to load to the LCD SPI screen as well as the HDMI (See the video for a demo)

the DEMO button runs through the same basic set of routines that the Sharp96 demo used. Rectangle fill, line draw, arc, circle and various text writing with different font sizes

The difference here is that all this is also invokeable from the touch screen via a finger or a pen on the touch panel, in addition, if the calibration if the touch screen has not been completed it will invoke on start up and then save the results to the SD card for automatic load at next startup, not only is this hand for the touch screen but shows how any value can be saved o the SD card for future use through restarts etc.


Source: Raspberry Pi 2, 480*320 TFT LCD Displays Windows 10, SPI

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