Raspberry Pi and electronics PCB ruler

Electronic enthusiasts and Raspberry Pi users may be interested in a new PCB ruler created by Ian Dunn. The PCP ruler features plenty of useful annotations, equations and Raspberry Pi GPIO references. Dunn explains a little more about the inspiration behind his PCB ruler and its features.

“The moment I learned about PCB rulers I had to have one. But no PCB ruler that I could find on the internet was quite what I wanted, so I made my own! I put quite a bit of time and effort into perfecting this ruler, and I think the end product is really nifty. So, it seemed like a shame not to share it. These rulers are rather expensive to manufacture in small batches, so I need your help! At minimum, I can sell the prototype batch that I already have manufactured, but I would really like to manufacture 1000 or more rulers.

I crammed every piece of information about the Raspberry PI and electronics that I could onto the ruler. My goal was to put every pin out, and formula that I use from time to time but I don’t quite remember in one easy place. It’s exactly the rite size to fit into a shirt pocket, and it’s very attractive. The finish is lead free ENIG (Electroless Nickle Immersion Gold.) The circuit board material is FR-4 with green solder mask. “

Features of the PCB ruler designed for electronics and Raspberry Pi enthusiasts include :

– 15CM, and 6 inch rules with 1MM and 1/16″ graduations.
– Raspberry Pi 4 GPIO pinout with through plated holes.
– Wire sizes from 10AWG to 28AWG.
– Circuit board trace widths from 10mils to 80mils, and .25MM to 2MM.
– Ohm’s Law.

– Resistor color code.
– LED package and pinout.
– Bipolar junction transistor packages and pinouts .
– Field effect transistor packages and pinouts .
– Font height from .75MM to 4MM.
– Formula for resonate frequency.
– Formulas for capacitive and inductive reactance.
– USB 2.0 plug pinouts.
– RJ-45 T-568B pin out.

Jump over to the official Kickstarter project page where the PCB ruler is now available to back, with pledges starting from $8 or £7.

Source: Raspberry Pi and electronics PCB ruler

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