Raspberry Pi DAQ HAT $99

Measurement Computing Corp. (MCC) now has available a new voltage output and DIO DAQ HAT for Raspberry Pi which can be stacked eight high. The Raspberry Pi HAT features two analog outputs and eight digital I/O ports and is now available to purchase priced at $99. Following on from the previous release of the 118 voltage measurement DAQ HAT for the Raspberry Pi with eight ±10 V inputs and sample rates up to 100 kS/s.

Raspberry-Pi-DAQ-HAT using RaspberryPi

“The MCC 152 Voltage Output and DIO HAT provides two channels of analog voltage output and eight digital I/O for Raspberry Pi based systems. The 12-bit voltage outputs feature a 0-5 V range and can be updated at up to 5 kS/s. Up to eight MCC DAQ HAT devices can be stacked onto one Raspberry Pi. All MCC DAQ HATs provide easy-to-use C/C++® and Python™ open-source libraries and examples allowing you to take reliable, quality measurements quickly.”

Raspberry-Pi-DAQ-HAT-1 using RaspberryPi

For more information and purchasing options jump over to the Measurement Computing online store by following the link below. MCC also provides an open-source MCC DAQ HAT Library in C/C++ and Python hosted on GitHub.


Source:Raspberry Pi DAQ HAT $99

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