Raspberry Pi superguide in MagPi magazine issue 76

The official Raspberry Pi Foundation has today announced the availability of issue 76 of the official Raspberry Pi magazine aptly named MagPi.

MagPi magazine

This month’s edition features a new Raspberry Pi superguide to take you through everything you need to know about the awesome mini PC from setting it up to creating your first projects. “Whether you’re a complete newbie to Raspberry Pi or you want need a little refresher, our guide has got you covered.”

MagPi magazine (2)

If that’s not enough the Raspberry Pi Foundation is also included projects to create your very own Pac-Man game, Christmas lights and more. “Of course, there also are amazing projects, guides, and reviews in this issue. This includes As We Are, a mesmerising art project that displays people’s faces on a 14-foot tall screen shaped like a head. We also show you how to start making Pac-Man in our monthly Pygame tutorial, and our smart lights guide has a bit of a festive flair to it.”

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