Wolfson Audio Card

PRODUCT DETAILS The Wolfson Audio Card, produced in collaboration with Wolfson, the premier mixed-signal semiconductor and audio solutions company, offers Raspberry Pi® users similar flexibility to a PC soundcard to capture audio alongside their camera, and experiment with stereo digital capture and playback.Raspberry Pi, whilst doing a fantastic job of being a small and powerful computer, does this …

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Raspberry Pi car impact recorder

Raspberry Pi car impact recorder

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts searching for inspiration for their next project may be interested in this Raspberry Pi Sense HAT project created by Instructables user Ashu_d. The Impact Recorder is designed to record impact sustained to vehicle while driving or stationary. Using the Raspberry Pi mini PC impacts are stored in the database in the form …

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Air Quality Analyzer

Air Quality Analyzer

Story The quality of the air that we breathe, is very important to our health. This device analyses the air quality inside our homes, and records the values in a SD card. By analyzing the stored values, we know how the evolution of the parameters thru time was. I will use temperature, humidity and air …

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Raspberry Pi 8-Relay Card with Raspberry Pi (left) and dual stacked with Pi

Stackable 8-relay add-on supports up to 64 relays per Raspberry Pi

Sequent Microsystems’ “Raspberry Pi 8-Relay Card” provides 8x relays and can be stacked to enable 64 relays per Raspberry Pi for home automation applications such as smart sprinklers. Sequent Microsystems has gone to Kickstarter to launch a “Raspberry Pi 8-Relay Card,” a more-focused version of last fall’s successfully Kickstarted Raspberry Pi Mega-IO Expansion Card. The …

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