Temperature controlled

Temperature controlled fan

Control a fan using a relay at a specific temperature threshold. Story I noticed that the media furniture where I have most of my media related devices (bluray-player,gaming consoles, etc.) was getting very warm whenever I was using one of these.I felt the urge to “geek-out” on this to make a something that is both

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IOT iPhone Controlled Mini Fan

IOT: iPhone Controlled Mini Fan

Step 1: Materials iPhone Mac with xcode RFduino RFduino Battery Shield RFduino USB Shield Batteries Wires TIP120 2.2kOhm resistor Diode DC Motor Fan blade for DC Motor Step 2: Circuitry Setup the circuitry as shown in the diagram. (If the servo is small enough, we could draw power from the RFduino instead.) Step 3: RFduino

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Raspberry Pi Case Fan

Raspberry Pi Case Fan

I purchased an inexpensive snap-together acrylic case for my Raspberry Pi from a seller on eBay. Overall I was happy with the case, but although this case has holes for passive air circulation I noticed that after running the Pi in the case that some of the chips were running a bit warm (even with

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