WeatherPiArduino Weather Board

WeatherPiArduino is a weather station controller board designed to interface to Arduino and Raspberry Pi computers.  It is an interface board developed by SwitchDoc Labs to allow the user to easily build a fully functioned Weather Station while allowing customization of functions.

WeatherPiArduino is derived from Project Curacao.  Generation 1 of this board was deployed and tested in Curacao before Generation 2 was released to production.  The full WeatherPiArduino article was published in Raspberry Pi Geek magazine in September, 2014 and a follow up article will be published in April, 2015 (including the new lightning detector).  The WeatherPiArduino comes with a SwitchDoc Labs DS3231/EEPROM board.

WeatherPiArduino Weather Board

Combine the WeatherPiArduino with a SunAir or SunAirPlus board to create a solar powered weather station.

Software for WeatherPiArduino Board

Arduino Software is here.

Raspberry Pi Software is here.

WeatherRack Software is here.


You can download the Full WeatherPiArduino Product Specification here (Version 1.3 – March 25, 2015).

Interfaces on WeatherPiArduino Board

  • I2C for Raspberry Pi
  • I2C for Arduino
  • RJ11 Plugs installed for SwitchDoc Labs WeatherRack, etc.
  • Wind Vane, Rain Bucket, Anemometer computer connections for Raspberry Pi and Arduino

I2C devices Included with the WeatherPiArduino Board

Plug in I2C Interfaces provided

  • Embedded Adventures I2C Lightning Detector MOD-1016 board
  • Adafruit HTU21D-F Temperature/Humidity breakout board
  • Adafruit 32KB FRAM I2C breakout board
  • Adafruit ADS1015 4 Channel A/D I2C board

WeatherPiArduino Weather Board Schmematic

I2C Device Specifications

BMP180 (Barometer / Temperature)

DS3231 (Real Time Clock)


ADS1015 (12 bit ADC)

AS3935 (MOD-1016 – Lightning Detector)

HTU21D-F (Humidity)

FRAM (32KB Fast Non-Volatile Storage)


For more detail: WeatherPiArduino Weather Board

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