”beet box” raspberry pi style

Step 1: Thing you need

the thing's you will need, Any vegetable that is able to fit inside a hole
  • raspberry pi
  • power supply
  • audio amplifier
  • capacitive sensing board
  • wooden enclosure (like on the image above)

''beet box'' raspberry pi style

Step 2: Image if components

these are all the basic things you will need

Step 3: Circuit diagram

this is how the circuit look like. I sometimes like to breadboard my work like did now.

Step 4: Creating the box

to create the wooden enclosure you will need wood or perhaps plastic. Whatever you want. BE CREATIVE!!! I currently do not have the actual images of me physically making the box because it's a project i've done about a couple of year's ago and back then I didn't know about instructables however i have some images to show you (the ones above) . FACT: a cojan is already an instrument so this is one of the reason's i decided to modify it to a ”beet box”.

''beet box'' raspberry pi style circuit
Do not use the approximated measurements because it's different to the project i done it's just a way you can do it. Basically this is whati've done to base it on.

For more detail: ”beet box” raspberry pi style

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