Making the LED Installation at Visit Trondheim

NICE and Bjørke Arkitektur had this awesome idea on how to create a really mesmerizing entrance at Trondheim’s new tourist information, named Visit Trondheim. It should among other things include a moss coated interactive LED installation. As you may know, LEDs is something we really like working with here at Norwegian Creations. And luckily for us, Bjørke and NICE knew this, so they let us take part of this awesome project!

making led

Together we created a concept for how it should work, including things such as sensor inputs and how the LEDs should react to different events in the environment.

What LEDs to use?

The moss is both dead and coated with an anti-flammable layer. We had to both find the necessary brightness to shine through a layer of moss and the required number of individually controllable points of light. Since the LEDs was going to take part in a bigger installation (underneath the moss etc.), it was not necessary that the number of LEDs was so high that it would have made it into an attraction in itself. The field to cover was about 11 meters long and 1 meter wide, and after some LPM2 (LEDs per Meter Squared) calculations we found out that a total amount of 400 individual controllable RGB LEDs was appropriate (36.4 LPM2). And after the required LED brightness and heat tests, we landed on using 0.96W individually controllable modules, each consisting ofour 5050 RGB LEDs. These modules needs 12V and SPI-like command data.

When using LEDs from a supplier with unknown validation procedures, it’s important to test them thoroughly before installation. And especially when they are going to be installed on a place where it’s rather unfavourable to do quick fixes. So we decided early that we needed to test all LEDs extensively together with as much of the electrical environment as the LEDs where going to be installed in as possible.

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