MasterPi Raspberry Pi robot with vision arm

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts or those interested in building their very own Raspberry Pi robot complete with vision arm might be interested in a new kit created by Hiwonder in the form of the MasterPi. The small robot is powered by a Raspberry Pi 4 mini PC and is equipped with mecanum wheels enabling it to manoeuvre on the spot. The open source robot features AI machine vision by OpenCV and is capable of omnidirectional movement and is compatible with the range of Hiwonder sensors enabling you to customise the robot and extend its capabilities as desired.

Raspberry Pi robot

“Powered by Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB and equipped with mecanum wheel chassis car, 5DOF robotic arm and HD camera, MasterPi is able to carry out color sorting, target tracking, line following, intelligent transport, etc by OpenCV. Combining with RGB glowy ultrasonic sensor, it can control light colors and perform obstacle avoidance. In addition, various sensors can be installed on MasterPi for more perception functions. With abundant tutorials and open source Python codes, MasterPi is a perfect helper for you to learn robot technology and robot vision to be a real AI player!”

Loaded with a 5DOF robotic arm, MasterPi can pick and transport the target object with ease. Combined with HD camera ending in robot arm, it can provide first person view. MasterPi takes OpenCV as image processing library and utilizes FPV to recognize and locate the target block so as to realize color sorting, target tracking, line following, and other AI games.”

For more information jump over to the website where you can learn more about its construction, features and programmability. The robot supports Python and is equipped with dual 18,650 lithium batteries.

Source: MasterPi Raspberry Pi robot with vision arm

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