Raspberry Pi video smart doorbell project

If you are looking for inspiration to keep yourself busy over the next few weeks, you may be interested in this video camera smart doorbell created using a Raspberry Pi mini PC. Details have been published over on the Hackster.io website and the project should take approximately four hours to complete and is tagged with an “intermediate” skill level.

Created by the Hacker Shack team the Raspberry Pi smart doorbell offers an alternative to those available from the likes of Amazon, and is equipped with an LCD screen, speaker and microphone allowing two-way communication. Check out the video below to learn more about the smart doorbell and see it in action.

Need another way to social distance yourself during the COVID-19 outbreak? Make this smart doorbell system so that you don’t have to interact with guests at your front door. The system can also be used as smart intercom system so that you can chat through internet calls with other people in your home or office.

The Raspberry Pi-powered Smart Doorbell opens a virtual meeting room for the guest when they press a button. It also sends a notification to your phone with a link to the same meeting room to chat with the guest. Make two of these doorbells and they can join the same meeting room to be used as a video intercom system.”

For more information on all the which Raspberry Pi operating system is best for your next project jump over to our previous article.

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