Solar Power, Weather and the Raspberry Pi

Solar Power, Weather and the Raspberry Pi

SwitchDoc Labs is in the process of building a Solar Powered Raspberry Pi Weather Station.   The design will be released as a SwitchDoc Appnote, an Instructable and a series of posts on  We are right in the middle of putting the physical parts into a weather proof box.

Solar Power, Weather and the Raspberry Pi

Parts List


We will be releasing the entire base software package in April 2015.  If you are rolling your own, the base drivers have been released.

SwitchDoc Labs has now released the first version of the Arduino C++ Class software for the WeatherPiArduino board.   You can find it here on the switchdoclabs github.  The Raspberry Pi Pure Python Software is here.

This board will interface with both the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino.

We are using RasPiConnect for our control panel.

For more detail: Solar Power, Weather and the Raspberry Pi

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