Raspberry Pi Time Clock

Raspberry Pi Time Clock

This build combines a Raspberry Pi with a rotary-encoder, an RGB LED and an OLED character display to create a time clock that logs my time on tasks directly to a Google Docs spreadsheet. Motivation Whenever I have to record time against projects, I find it really hard to diligently keep my time records up […]

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Raspberry Pi Binary LED Clock

Raspberry Pi Binary LED Clock

Binary clocks show the time in an unconventional format. They display the hours, minutes and sometimes even seconds as numbers represented in the binary numeral system. Binary clocks and binary watches have grown quite popular today. More and more people work in IT and become familiar with the binary numbers, the native language of our

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IT RaspberryPI alarm clock

IT – RaspberryPI alarm clock

Hello guys In this instructable i’ll show an alarm clock project based on RaspberryPi and GrovePi+ Starter Kit. Its name is “IT”, that’s the shortening of “It’s Time”. Version instructabled is 1.3, youtube video shows 1.0 . It’s a standard alarm clock that can be configured at your pleasure. Once you have completed this project,

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