3A Power supply for USB devices

This is 5V 3A power supply to drive two USB based devices simultaneously. This power supply is design around LM2576-5.0 switching regulator IC and the main reasons to choose this IC is its low parts count, small heat sink requirements and its inbuilt current limit protection feature. We specially design this power supply to work …

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Tank Day 9: Power to the Pi

Last time around, we proved that the Raspberry Pi could indeed be integrated into a Heng Long Tiger I RC tank, and so control its functions. That’s a significant achievement, but there’s plenty more to do. Firstly and most importantly, we can’t yet drive the tank around because the Raspberry Pi is still dependent on …

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Smart Power Outlets

These are Raspberry Pi driven smart power outlets. The two power outlets are controlled using a web browser or smart phone. It is also possible to configure the outlets to turn on and off based on the time or room temperature or combinations of time and temperature. I was also going to add in a …

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