This Raspberry Pi course teaches all makers need to know

Ask any maker: The key to Raspberry Pi’s popularity is its versatility. The mini-computer can help kids learn basic coding, but it’s also a gateway to everything from retro gaming to a full Internet of Things upgrade for your home. If you’re not sure where to start, the Complete Raspberry Pi Course Bundle is the easiest way to kick those gates open.

Raspberry Pi course teaches

This three-course bundle starts with a boot camp that gives beginners the chance to play top classics from Nintendo, Sega and more on their own custom gaming system, crafted top to bottom with Raspberry Pi. From there, users can learn their way around Python, GPIO pins, the Pi camera module and other crucial tools to build increasingly complex systems. There’s even a focus on home automation, teaching how to pair Raspberry Pi with Alexa to voice-control virtually any device.

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