Cheap 5 volt power adapter

Every want to make a portable Pi and all you have is a 12 volt battery? Or have you made a project using a LCD with a 12 volt battery and another then another 5 volt battery for the Raspberry Pi? This instructable will show you how to turn a cheap car 12 volt USB charger into an adapter that can use 12 volt batteries to power the Raspberry Pi. Step 1: Step 1: Materials USB car charger Female DC connector Sc ...

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Battery Operated Cardboard HDMI Retro TV Stand for your Raspberry Pi

Your Raspberry Pi deserves its own screen and stand! Why share your Raspberry Pi with the living room TV? Give your Pi its own stand and battery so you can operate it anywhere in the house or in your office. Imagine having your own retro TV cardboard stand for your Raspberry Pi with the option of adding a battery pack so it is completely self contained! Well...that's what this instructable is all about. Tra ...

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Multi-Cell LiPo Charging

Overview Lithium Polymer Batteries pack a lot of power in a small package. But they can be tricky to charge safely. The Adafruit LiPo Chargers all provide a charging cycle designed to safely charge 3.7v Lithium Polymer cells. But what if your project needs more than 3.7v? Simply pumping more voltage into a multi-cell pack is risky. If the cells become unbalanced, some will end up with more of a charge than ...

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RPi 5V PSU construction using Raspberry pi

A 5V power supply for the Raspberry Pi - Construction How To Due to various problems with the power supply for the RaspberryPi, a home made PSU might be a solution for some of you. You will need some experience with construction of electronic circuits, appropriate tools and a multimeter. I have had problems with a cheap 5V/1A adapter from Ebay too (freezing, no LAN, etc.) ... The adapter could not provide e ...

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Adafruit PowerBoost 500 + Charger

PowerBoost 500C is the perfect power supply for your portable project! With a built-in battery charger circuit, you'll be able to keep your project running even while recharging the battery! This little DC/DC boost converter module can be powered by any 3.7V LiIon/LiPoly battery, and convert the battery output to 5.2V DC for running your 5V projects. Like our popular 5V 1A USB wall adapter, we tweaked the o ...

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