Raspberry Pi PC remote power switch control board

The default I/O port of SD card is 8081, you can change it. Use putty, ID pi, password 5585,  key “sudo nano /etc/apache2/ports.conf”, find out 8081 to change your desired port.


  • Plugs directly onto the Raspberry Pi GPIO socket
  • Fits Directly over the Raspberry Pi and within the Raspberry Pi’s footprint
  • 4 Double contact Single pole Relays
  • 4 Bi-Directional In/Out, Fully Diode protected

Raspberry Pi PC remote power switch control board

  • 4 Wide range input 3.3V – 24V
  • 4 LED Indicators
  • Graphical website Php sample operation program provided
  • Relays can be used to switch voltages up to 25VDC (Max) 240VAC  currents up to 5A (Max) NC/NO
  • Detachable Connector, Easy install and replacement.


Use the card to control any object through internet, mobile phone anywhere.


1.  4X relays output, normal close and normal open
2.  4X bi-direction digital input outputs
3. Remote control by webpage.

Raspberry Pi PC remote power switch control board Schematic

Bill of materials

1. Single pole double contact 5volt Coil  relay    X 4
2. 26Pins 2×13 2.54 pitch female connector       X 1
3. PCB Raspberry Extension board.                     X 1
4. LED indicators 3mm                                          X 4
5. 12Pins 2×6 2.54 pitch male connector            X 1
6. 47u 16V capacitor                                               X 1
7. ULN 2803 A   Driver IC                                      X1
8. Detachable 3 ways connector                           X4
9. Copper Stands 11 mm                                         X2
10. Resistor array 5p4R 3KΩ                                   X1
11. Resistor array 8P4R 3KΩ                                X1    (Version 1.1 only)
12. Sensor diode 3.3V  (Version 1.1 only)            X4   (Version 1.1 only)
12. Pre installed Raspberry IO SD card               X1    (Optional)


For more detail: Raspberry Pi PC remote power switch control board

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