RKPTmdc Prototype PCB with Header for use with Raspberry PI

Version 2 available with a DS3231 RTC circuit

Main Features

  • A low cost and simple method of prototyping Raspberry PI projects
  • Includes a 26 way dual row breakout header for interfacing to Raspberry PI
  • Manufactured using a double sided professional double sided PCB
  • Incorporates a large prototype area with plated through holes
  • Includes a DIP breakout, for example for a multiplexing IC
  • The prototyping area has adjustable, 0V 3.3V, 5V and 12V power rails with power indicator LEDsRKPTmdc Prototype PCB with Header for use with Raspberry PI
  • The adjustable voltage outputs between 2.5 and 10VDC (approx)
  • The unit can either powered by battery or DC mains supply
  • Incorporates LM317T, 7805 and 3.3V voltage regulators
  • The unit has 2 surface mount SO8 footprints with plated through breakouts for each pin
  • Version 2 board has a DS3231 RTC circuit added
  • An excellent method for students and hobbyists to produce Raspberry PI projects
  • Documentation and PDF schematic available (version 1)
  • Documentation and PDF schematic available (version 2)

Kit Contents


IC socket

Terminal block

26 way header

DC socket

Slide switch

Voltage regulators




CapacitorsRKPTmdc Prototype PCB with Header for use with Raspberry PI Schematic

Please note this kit does not include a ribbin cable, these are available in our online store

Please note this kit will need aditional components according to the project, please contact us with your requirements and we will do our very best for you.


For more detail: RKPTmdc Prototype PCB with Header for use with Raspberry PI

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