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Raspberry Pi Powered Intelligent Language Translator ECE5725 Project

Raspberry Pi-Powered Intelligent Language Translator: ECE5725 Project

Introduction Our objective is to develop an automated translation device using R-Pi due to the increased global travel where individuals often encounter difficulties understanding local languages displayed on signs or spoken in conversation. Existing electronic dictionaries or mobile apps offer translation capabilities, but they usually require manual input of sentences or words, leading to potential […]

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Run Raspberry Pi on Smart Phone

Run Raspberry Pi on Smart Phone

Run Raspberry Pi on your phone with full display. Step 1: Getting Raspberry pi IP Address: To begin with the project, one will need to know the IP address of Raspberry Pi. In order to do so connect your Raspberry Pi with the LCD and, type “ifconfig“ or “hostname-I“ in the terminal window. Note: Only for this

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Mobile Remote Surveillance Camera

Mobile Remote Surveillance Camera

This interesting project will cover all things required for the ultimate goal of building a mobile remote surveillance camera. This interesting but complicated project will cover things from designing building a robot, to advanced configurations in linux (raspberry pi) to building an Android application and controlling the robot. So this being said it’s more ambitious

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Smart Intercom 1

Smart Intercom

Real-Time system that allow to pass only authorized/invited people, using Face-Recognition or NFC cards. Story work demonstration Testing push-button The principle of operation: Person approaches to the intercom Looks at the camera The system compare his face with authorized people If it finds it, then the door opens and a person can enter There is

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How It Works

Walabot Mobile Trigger

Use mobile phone to config Walabot and define actions by sending trigger to IFTTT or turn on relays.Walabot can apply to many applications.  But to adjust Walabot parameters ( Arena, angle and threshold value to detect ) is quite a tricky part.Walabot Trigger can help you adjust Walabot parameters easily using Android phone. Users can

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