Social Alarm Clock

Social Alarm Clock

Authors: Alexandru Radovici, Ioana Culic, Maria Tudor – Wyliodrin Bogdan Doinea – Cisco Networking Academy This document describes how to build a Social Alarm Clock by a team of five people: a manager, a product designer, two engineers and a programmer. Introduction We are going to make a smart wake up lamp. You should already …

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Alarm Electronics

Alarm Electronics

Above and below are the diagrams of the electronics that will interface the alarm system sensors with the Raspberry Pi. The first diagram is a conventional electronics schematic and the second is how you can build the circuit prototype on a bread board.   We have shown two identical circuits representing two contacts in your …

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Water Tank Overflow Alarm Schematic

Water Tank Overflow Alarm

Wastage of water is quite prominent in urban as well as rural areas and overflowing of water tanks is a major reason for that. This water tank overflow circuit described here starts ringing as soon as the water tank becomes full. Thus, by warning the user, the project avoids the need to check overflow and …

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IT - RaspberryPI alarm clock

IT – RaspberryPI alarm clock

Hello guys In this instructable i’ll show an alarm clock project based on RaspberryPi and GrovePi+ Starter Kit. Its name is “IT”, that’s the shortening of “It’s Time”. Version instructabled is 1.3, youtube video shows 1.0 . It’s a standard alarm clock that can be configured at your pleasure. Once you have completed this project, …

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