RaspiCar ( RC Car With 4WD)

RaspiCar ( RC Car With 4WD)

For a school project in my bachelor MCT at Howest Kortrijk, I made an RC car. This project is a RC car with extra features. The car can be controlled via a web dashboard, has collision detection and stops automatically when it detects a red light. The car also has four-wheel drive. Next to being …

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Self Driving Car

Self Driving Car

Donkey is a self-driving car platform meant to convert RC cars into autonomous ones. It’s a self-driving library written in Python. Its Open Source hardware allows anyone, including myself, to build their own car! This project was created by Sanjhee Gupta in association with Berbawy Makers. Sanjhee is an ambitious high school senior who plans …

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Stereo Vision and LiDAR Powered Donkey Car

Donkey Car featuring the Ultra96 board, a Raspberry Pi, FPGA accelerated stereo vision, MIPI CSI-2 image acquisition, a LiDAR sensor and AI. In this project, I will document the build of a Donkey Car enhanced with an advanced vision system using FPGA accelerated stereo vision and LiDAR. The project consists of the following main components: Raspberry Pi 3 featuring 4 x Cortex-A53 cores – …

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Raspberry Pi Car Stereo

Internet connected car stereo with obd 2 and remote start. Please mind the mess! I am still working on this. So when I went looking for information on building a Raspberry Pi based stereo for my truck I came across this blog by Christian Brauweiler. He has a write up on how to setup your Pi as …

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Learn To Extend The Life Of Batteries With Reconditioning Techniques

Electricity is a staggering invention. Without it, we would still be living in darkness. It has made this whole digital world possible, and it has opened new doors in every scientific field. Additionally, we invented batteries which help us bring electricity wherever we want to have it. Ever since then, we’ve been improving their design, …

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Smart Gates

Identify Cars Using Raspberry Pi Description The principle of operation: The car drives up to the gates. Camera reads the car plate numbers. Checks the read number with the database; if it finds one, then it opens the gate and lets the car pass. Each car at the gates is photographed, then a photo is …

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Automakers continue to promise that fully autonomous cars are around the corner, but we’re still not quite there yet. However, there are a broad range of driver assist technologies that have come to market in recent years, with lane keeping assist being one of them. [raja_961] decided to implement this technology on an RC car, using …


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