TSL2584TSV Ambient Light Sensor

The TSL2584TSV is a very-high sensitivity light-to-digital converter that transforms light intensity into a digital signal output with a fast-mode I²C interface. The device combines one broadband photodiode (visible plus infrared), one infrared-responding photodiode, and a photopic infrared-blocking filter on a single CMOS integrated circuit. Two integrating analog to Digital Converters (ADCs) convert the photodiode …

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World’s first light-activated, molecule-sized switch gets turned on

In the pursuit of ever-shrinking circuitry for nanotechnology electronics, increasingly smaller devices and components are being developed. Now researchers at the University of Konstanz and the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) in Germany claim to have micro-miniaturized the humble electrical switch all the way down to molecule size and proven its operation for the very first time. …

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Raspberry Pi based Solar Street Light

PROJECT DESCRIPTION The project is designed for LED based street lights with auto intensity control using solar power from photovoltaic cells interfaced to a Raspberry Pi board. As awareness for solar energy is increasing, more and more individuals and institutions are opting for solar energy. Photovoltaic panels are used for charging batteries by converting the …

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Raspberry Pi Medal Light

You love the Olympics but you don’t have time to check if your country has won any medals. Using IFTTT and Ledborg on the Raspberry Pi, you can know get notified of any medal just by looking at your Pi (and then tell the whole world how proud you are) ! Step 1: The parts …

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Python – Traffic Light

Introduction Hopefully now you have received your LED electronics kit and have followed our basic LED tutorials. Now you are eagly wating to get started and create some more complex programming using both inputs and outputs. The following tutorial will get you programming your first LED traffic light using a switch as an input to …

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