Life Sized Talking BMO From Adventure Time thats Also an Octoprint Server

Life Sized Talking BMO From Adventure Time (that’s Also an Octoprint Server!)

Who WOULDN’T want their own life sized BMO who could say nice things and help control their 3D printer?? I love using Octoprint to control my 3D printers, an open source plugin and web interface that gives incredible remote access to any 3D printer with a USB port. I also LOVE BMO from Adventure Time, the adorable little robot […]

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MSLA Smooth Time Lapse

MSLA Smooth Time-Lapse

Create beautiful time-lapse video of your 3D Resin prints. This technique makes your prints look like they just rise from the vat. This project uses a Raspberry Pi along with the new Pi HQ Camera to create smooth time-lapse videos for MSLA 3D printers. The main issue with a normal time-lapse on MSLA printers is

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Gather Data

YogAI: Smart Personal Trainer

Pose estimation on a Raspberry Pi to guide and correct positions for any yogi. Intro Yoga has an ancient tradition of physical and mental training to improve well-being. Modern Hatha Yoga, which emphasizes physical conditioning and mental strength through training physical postures, has been growing in popularity over the last couple decades. However, the time and cost of

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Raspberry Pi Time Clock

Raspberry Pi Time Clock

This build combines a Raspberry Pi with a rotary-encoder, an RGB LED and an OLED character display to create a time clock that logs my time on tasks directly to a Google Docs spreadsheet. Motivation Whenever I have to record time against projects, I find it really hard to diligently keep my time records up

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