Retransmitting Alarm System State Changes with Raspberry Pi and Arduino

I spotted a post by Lior Hass on Hackaday a little while back where he described his Alarmino project where his alarm system now connects with an Arduino and a custom board to simulate the phone line and interpret Contact-ID protocol.  He could then get the system to SMS him in the case of an alarm.  In his case, he did this in lieu of using a central monitoring service and it only reported events that woul ...

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How to use Alarm Signal in Raspberry Pi

A signal is a software interrupt that can be sent to a process which is currently executing in the Operating System. Most of the time the Operating system send signals to the processes automatically and sometimes the user can initiate a signal sending. A process can also send signals to each other by calling some specific functions. A signal is sent for the purpose of notifying the process about something t ...

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WeggUp – A sleeping cycle and light alarm clock

I often have the problem, that I have trouble getting up in the morning, while at the same time, I have trouble falling asleep in the night. I've checked out several possibilities to make both easier. Getting up in the morning Sunrise alarm / light alarm clocks (amazon): instead of ringing the hell out of you, those alarm clocks dimm up light until it gets quite bright in your room, simulating a sunrise. Th ...

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Overclocking a Raspberry Pi

In this instructables I will show you how to overclock a Raspberry Pi. You don't need a heat sink or a fan, because the temperautre won't go over the 50-60 C (120-140 F). Please vote for me in the Raspberry Pi contest. Good luck with overclocking! (!) I am not responsible for anything that happens because of this tutorial (!) Step 1: Installing Raspbian If you have already installed Raspbian you can skip th ...

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