ramanPi – The 3D Printable Raspberry Pi Raman Spectrometer

ramanPi is looking for developers!!! ****If you have Python, pyQt4, matplotlib, signal processing, optics, raman spectroscopy or FPGA experience contact dev @ ramapi .org! Or go to dev . ramanPi . org and sign up to the developer forums! What I want to do: Build a Raman Spectrometer based on a Raspberry Pi, make it 3D Printable and customizable.. An open source 3D Printable Raman Spectrometer that uses a ra ...

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Using the Raspberry Pi Wobbulator to test the G6LBQ Multiband Bandpass Filter

Finally, I decided to use the Raspberry Pi Wobbulator to test the frequency response characteristics of the G6LBQ multiband bandpass filter which I had built as part of a homebrew transceiver project. The fully assembled filter board is shown below (it is part of a Bitx Transceiver project I'm working on) and it covers the whole HF spectrum in 9 bands, all the way from the 160m band (1.8  - 2.0 Mhz) to the ...

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ESP8266 + Raspberry Pi Electricity Monitor

I have always been monitoring my utility meters in the old fashioned way. First I wrote them down in a little ledger (yep, I'm that old), later I wrote a spreadsheet for it and the last few years I'm using the ECAS smartphone app to do the trick. I always wanted a live monitor, but they are rather expensive and do not give all the information I want. So a few months back I stumbled up on the Arduino, quickl ...

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Environmental Monitoring with BaeagleBone or RaspberryPI and Ardunio

This is a project I've been working on for a while, and still have ways to go, but I have enough success right now that I can I share what I've got.  This covers connecting a Beaglebone and an Arduino via TTL serial and I2C, using a parallel LCD with an Arduino, using a DHT-22 with Arduino, and using DS18B20 1-wire sensors with a BeagleBone in the next week or so. I believe that all the instructions here wi ...

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Intel Edison Spectrophotometer

This instructable will explain how to build a fairly basic. Of course, this device is nothing compared to a commercial spectrophotometer, but it will allow the builder to understand how such a device works to using it for DIYbio. Know-how The spectrophotometry is the quantitative measurement of the reflection or transmission properties of a material as a function of wavelength. Aspectrophotometer is commonl ...

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